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God, Man, and Law: The biblical principles by Herbert W. Titus (1994) $ 54.95 + $ 10.00 S&H Click for Details or Purchase 
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$24.95 + $7 S&H   This series of 8 x MP3 audio on a CD  is designed to challenge the listener to develop a Biblical understanding of law, with particular focus on law in the United States of America.
Audio - 8 CD's -  "God, Man and Law by Herbert W Titus
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(DVD - Spoken Word, Jun 29, 2005) by Herb Titus and Barry Lynn The battle for the future of American culture is sharply divided within the hearts of the people of this nation. The liberties that American Christians now enjoy, such as publicly practicing their faith, are being threatened by an intellectual elite that is attempting to create a 'religious free' government. The controversial haze surrounding the First Amendment needs to be cleared. Crucial decisions that adversely affect all of us are being made because of a lack of understanding or misinterpretation of this amendment. Recorded at American Vision's 2007 Worldview Super Conference, Herb Titus and Barry Lynn lay out the two precedent-setting views of our legal system in a stimulating head-to-head debate. Click for Details
The Debate Over the First Amendment  DVD Series
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Does the "No Establishment of Religion Guarantee" Prohibit a Biblically Based Public Policy?
Special OFFER God, Man & Law:  The Biblical Principles  -  Herb Titus The Debate over the First Amendment  -  Herb Titus
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Lecture 1 -  America's Christian Birthright Lecture 2 - Common Law System of the USA Lecture 3 - Evolutionary Law
Lecture 1 - The Marriage Covenant Lecture 2 - The Community Sexual Order Lecture 3 - The Family Economic Order
Lecture 1 -  The Unalienable Right to Property Lecture 2 -  Family Free Enterprise Lecture 3 -  The Role of the State
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8 x MP3 audio on a CD
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Data CD Hard Cover Book Common Law, Dominion and Familly  -  Herb Titus